2019-20 Summer Grand Finals

2019-20 Summer Grand Finals

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Tuesday Night @ Lights
In a setting worthy of a high-school-sports based melodrama, the SA District Men’s and Women’s Division 1 summer season Grand finals were another celebration of the Adelaide University Basketball club’s on-court prowess.

Both the AUBC men and women posted outstanding regular season records of 10 wins and 1 loss.

The women were up first, taking on rivals South Adelaide. Four of the last five Grand Finals have been played out between these two teams, with The Blacks being on the wrong side of the result each time. The regular season contest was a lopsided event and the AUBC was focused on avoiding a similar result.

The game started in a particularly nervous way with neither team performing at their best. The Blacks were able to scrap a small lead before a South Adelaide timeout was called. Unfortunately, South emerged from the timeout with seemingly unlimited intensity and made offence and defensive rebounding very difficult for the AUBC’s women. The Blacks’ defence, which was consistent and effective throughout the game, was responsible for keeping them in touch at half time.

Entering the 3rd quarter down 25-19 was positive given the girl’s uncanny 2nd quarter ability to give up offensive rebounds and turn the ball over. The third quarter exemplified the team’s success in keeping South’s best players off their game, but, AUBC’s offensive woes continued with multiple heartbreaking misses.

AUBC was 11 points down to start the fourth, but this helped set the scene for two AUBC players TO TAKE OVER and spark a come-back. Zoe and Alex had spent substantial time playing in Division 2 in 2019 but D1 grand final fourth quarters seem to be their zone. In an outrageous six minutes Zoe made 5/6 baskets for 10 points, Glenny chipped in with 2 threes, 2 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal and The Blacks took the lead 48-47! The remaining minutes were as exciting as a game could be, @JustRoxyMoments had to be treated for Hysteria and will be sending the medical bill to Coach Paul. In the end, the experience of hundreds of premier league games and a two time Halls Medallist helped South close out the win 53-48.

Despite the result, all is not lost, Zoe’s fourth quarter is still trending #ZoeTheFourth which makes her the second most famous of her name (Who even watches Silent Witness? AUBC believes that our GFs had more viewers).

Although emotionally broken, the AUBC supporters had to compose themselves in time for the boys to take on Sturt. If their regular season match had lasted half a second longer, Sturt would have won on a buzzer-beater. A tight contest was anticipated by all.

The first half was a performance of quality, fast-paced, amateur basketball with both teams showing an effective offensive balance of attacking the ring, mid-range and long-range shooting. The difference between these teams was really established in the second quarter. New AUBC recruit Madit put on a masterclass with 20 first half points. Despite tight defence, Sturt had no answer for Madit’s shooting, finishing at the ring or ability to draw fouls. On the defensive end, the AUBC guards disrupted Sturt’s potentially dangerous 3pt shooting and The Blacks’ frontcourt rotation of Cam, Lach and Bobo dominated their opposition by owning the rebounding count, blocking shots and making space for their teammates.

The second half started with the score at 41-32 but the game progressed in a similar fashion. Josh took over Madit’s scoring responsibility, whilst Harry gave his followers (affectionately known as “The Minnies”) all his signature moves; mid-range makes, line-drives to the basket and hair swoops. The ball movement and attack on the ring regularly resulted in quality shots (they will go in next season Jay) and Sturt fouls. The 11 point AUBC lead to start the fourth quarter was essentially insurmountable, Sturt was in severe foul trouble and the AUBC was really rolling. In a testy finish, only four Sturt players made the end of the game as AUBC flexed all over them to finish the season 78-59 and D1 summer champions!

These summer season finals produced a brilliant performance from the whole club. Positive and loud support from the sidelines was worthy of the mature and competitive play on display.

For the AUBC statisticians out there: The battle for AUBC couple supremacy was won by Lachlex (18pts, 5A, 13R, 2B, 6S +17.6PER) over Cabby (14pts, 15R, 3B, 4S +10.3PER). It is important to note that pubcrawl is coming up on 4 April 2020 and the highest potential couple Player-Efficiency-Rating (PER) would have been 30.3PER through the pairing of Zoe and Madit….just saying….

Adelaide Uni 78 def Sturt Sabres 59
Oliver: 10 pts, 10R (5OR)
Madit: 27 pts (9/15), 3A, 3R, 3S
Harry: 9pts, 4A, 4R, 2S
Josh: 18pts (5/11), 3A, 3R, 1S
Jay: 2pts, 4R, 1S
Cam: 5pts, 10R, 3B, 3S
Lach: 7pts, 5R, 2B, 4S

South Adelaide Panthers 53 def Adelaide Uni 48
Evie: 6pts, 2A, 3OR, 1S
Maddi: 4pts, 4OR, 2S
Tam: 4pts, 1A, 2R, 2S
Alex: 9pts, 5A, 8R, 2S
Kia: 1A, 3R, 1S
Abby: 9pts, 5R, 1S
Zoe: 11pts (10 in 4th qtr) 1A, 6R, 1S
Tara: 5pts, 1A, 1R