AUBC Boat Rack Hire 2020/2021

AUBC Boat Rack Hire 2020/2021


AUBC Boat Rack Hire 2020/2021

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Annual fee for storing private boats at either the West Lakes Facility or the Torrens Facility.

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If you wish to store a private boat at either of AUBCs facilities pleace contact the captain at prior to purchasing this membership. The fee will be $250 for students and $500 for Masters and other associates. 

With this product you will be granted access to the shed and rack space for your boat. Your boat will be your responsibility to maintain and look after. Depending on avalible space you may be required to derig your boat. AUBC and AU Sport are not liable for any damages or loss. We recomend taking photos of your boat before puting it in the shed. We will be photographing the boats for our own record also.