Comeback Kids

Comeback Kids

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Nick Lawrence

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The Hogs squared off against the Oilers for the first time this season (strange scheduling) looking to improve on the lackluster performance the week prior.

After steady improvement to begin the 2018 campaign (two wins, equaling 2017) the Oilers have taken a step backward without QB Tedmanson on the field.

The Oilers opened strong, quickly establishing that they were here to play, leading by 7 early in the fourth quarter. The hogs kicked into gear and scored 16 points in the final minutes, prevailing 18-9.

Will we see Tedmanson back on the field this week, as the Oilers fight for third place against an improved Eagle squad?

The Hogs have been behind in the fourth the last three games, scoring a combined 40 points in those quarters to stay unbeaten, can they generate early pressure in what is the round of the match. Can the Hogs prevail and secure a finals berth?


RAZORBACKS: Welbourn 2 passing. Valles 1 receiving, 1 rushing. Morton 1 receiving.
OILERS: Stewart 1 rushing. Anderson 1 FG.