Membership Fees

Membership Fees

Adelaide University Kendo Club offers 2 types of memberships

1. Adelaide University Student Memberhip
2. Associate Memberships (Non-university students/public)

Beginners Course (First Payment)

$120 (5 Week Basic Beginners Course - Includes Free Shinai)
Secondary Payment to Complete Full Club Membership
(This option is available if you wish to continue to train with the club)

Second Payment
(If you wish to continue training and become a full club member - due once beginners course is finished)
$110 (Adelaide Univserity Students)
$87 (Non-Students/General Public) + $88 AU Sports Membership = $175

Please click “Join or Renew” button on the menu to process and pay

(*This includes:SAKA/AKR association fees, Adelaide University Sport membership fees and insurance)