Frequently Asked Quetsions

Frequently Asked Quetsions

AUMC Frequently Asked Questions


What is the AUMC?

The Adelaide University Mountain Club (AUMC) is an active and vibrant club at Adelaide University with over 100 members. The club offers members the opportunity to participate in exciting and challenging activities far removed from their usual study (or work) commitments. Core activities of the club include:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Rockclimbing
  • Bouldering
  • Slacklining
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Rogaining

Popular destinations for rockclimbing and hiking include the Adelaide Hills and Flinders Ranges, the Northern Territory and other interstate locations. The Victorian Alps, the Grampians, the Blue Mountains and Tasmania are also major destinations, with longer trips usually occurring in the University holidays. Intrepid club members also venture overseas to such destinations as New Zealand, Nepal and South America. The club also offers a gear hiring service, providing members with excellent quality outdoor gear at very affordable rates.

Of course, there is a large social side to the club, with AUMC gatherings and ongoing events throughout the year.

Best of all, membership is really cheap! (See below).
So get involved – and GO AWAY! (On a trip, of course!)

Jonathan Gobin, AUMC President 2015

Finding Out About AUMC Activities

The majority of club communication occurs through the Events page of the club website.

AUMC does not produce a printed calendar of events spanning the whole year. Some printed information may be available at O’Week, but our social media pages and the website will be the major sources of information. If you do not have regular access to the Internet, it would be best to arrange access via a library or Internet café if you would like to keep up with events in the club.

Trip Information and Organization

AUMC activities are usually organised as trips to a particular destination, and have a certain core aim or activity (e.g. Victorian High Country to hike to Mt. Feathertop). Most trips are organised and run by experienced members of the club. The participants share costs (petrol, food etc.) and there is usually no other charge (except gear hire fees if club equipment is hired). Transport is usually by private vehicle and is arranged by the organiser. Trips are divided into two categories: Official AUMC trips and Private trips.

Official AUMC Trips

Official AUMC trips are organised by a member of the current AUMC Committee, or by an officer appointed by the Committee. For these trips, the organiser notifies the AUMC membership of their trip plans (providing details such as what, when, where, estimated costs, skills required etc.) via our website, and advertises the trip on our social media pages. The organiser is then contacted by members interested in the trip and makes further arrangements for trip planning (e.g. a trip meeting at a bar or restaurant). This includes ensuring that everyone has the necessary skills, fitness, equipment etc. for the intended trip and that there are enough experienced leaders for the group. The organiser then leads the trip (often with help from other experienced club members).

Trip participants on official AUMC trips receive a high level of support and information from the trip organiser. This means that the trips are good for beginners or those with limited knowledge of Australian conditions. Gear hire on these trips is also free of charge.

Competent AUMC members that are not members or officers of the current Committee (e.g. ex-Committee members) may also run official trips. These trips are advertised by the website and email, and are designated as trips that are endorsed (but not directly organised) by AUMC Committee. Endorsed trips function in the same way as other official trips.

Private Trips

Private trips are those that are not organised or endorsed by AUMC Committee. The AUMC membership is notified of these trips by email bulletin, and the trips may be planned and organised by any AUMC member (see below for how to advertise your trip!). Private trips vary greatly according to the interests and skills of the AUMC member organising the trip. The organiser may provide participants with a lot of assistance in trip organisation and planning, or (at the other extreme) may expect you to rock up on the day with you and your gear ready. The best idea is to contact the organiser and ask them about what the trip will involve (when, where, estimated costs, equipment, skills you will need etc.).

Private trips often involve smaller groups than official trips and may be much more extended (e.g. three months touring Australia at the end-of-year holiday). Members going on a private trip can hire gear from the club (see below for details). Note that AUMC (and the AUMC Committee) is NOT involved in the organisation or running of these trips. However, the Committee strongly encourages members to organise their own trips and can always provide advice and information on trip planning.

Does AUMC Provide Training in Outdoor Activities?

AUMC does NOT provide formal training or instruction in any outdoor activity. The club is an association of like-minded people with an interest in outdoor sports, and is not a commercial operation. The AUMC members leading official club trips are highly experienced in one or more areas (e.g. rockclimbing), but are NOT instructors and do not necessarily have formal outdoor qualifications. Club members that wish to obtain instruction should arrange this with a qualified commercial provider. Advice and recommendations can be obtained from the relevant AUMC Committee member or officer.

I’m a Complete Beginner. Can I Participate in AUMC Trips Without any Training?

This will vary according to the trip organiser and the nature of the intended trip. Some trips (e.g. the Opening Walk and some walking trips) require little or no experience and a modest level of fitness. However, participation in many trips will be limited by the organiser to those with particular levels of fitness, skill and/or experience. For example, the organiser of a climbing trip may limit the trip to those with outdoor climbing experience and the ability to do a toprope setup. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all trip participants.

If you don’t have the necessary skills and experience for an upcoming trip, you can:

Participate in another trip where you can learn the skills and gain some experience. Trip organisers will frequently hold several “how to” or beginners’ trips where you can build up your skill levels for the main trip. (You can find out about these trips by contacting the trip organiser.)
Obtain instruction from a commercial provider (talk to the trip organiser for advice).


Who Can Join?

AUMC membership is open to both students and non-students (graduate or otherwise). The club has a great diversity of members, and welcomes people from all walks of life.

Benefits of Membership

AUMC Membership gives you participation in all official AUMC trips and access to our discount gear hire service (which is typically less than 25% of commercial rates). Members also receive a variety of discounts on outdoor gear and activities (see a Committee Member for information on the latest deals), and free food at AUMC BBQs. Members can also post their trip intentions in our AUMC Members Facebook group, making it really easy to plan trips and meet new people.

Best of all, membership is really cheap! (See below.)

Becoming a Member

You can join the Mountain Club by selecting "Join/Renew" on our page of the Adelaide Uni Sport Website.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Club membership costs $15 per year for Adelaide University students (i.e. those with an Adelaide University student ID number).

For insurance reasons, students from other universities and non-students must pay an annual ‘Associate Membership’ fee of $88 levied by the Adelaide University Sports Association, giving a total membership fee of $103.

The Adelaide University Sports Association fee is not charged by AUMC, and may discourage some members, particularly non-students. However, the benefits of AUMC membership (e.g. discount gear hire) far outweigh the cost. Moreover, paying the AUSA membership fee gives you the ability to join any other Adelaide University Sport Club at the student rate (i.e. without paying for another membership).

How Long Does Membership Last?

Membership lasts from O'week of one year until O'week the following yera. O'week is typically the last week in February before University lectures resume.

What Do I Need to Do After Becoming a Member?

If you've got Facebook or Instagram, make sure to follow AUMC to see our latest news and events! Join our AUMC Members Facebook Group to make sure you don't miss out on any of the action!

Can I Get a Reduced Membership Because I’ll Be Joining Near the End of the Year?

Unfortunately the answer is no. This shouldn't be too much of an issue for student members (it's only $15 after all). If you're a non-student member and worry about wasting $103, fear not! Your AU Sport Membership (worth $88) will last 356 days from the date of purchase. This means that you may have to purchase another AUMC Membership for $15 at O'week, but your AU Sport membership will last until the same time next year.

Can Non-Members Hire Gear or Participate in AUMC Activities (Even as a Once-Off)?

NO. All participants in official AUMC trips must be current financial members of the club to ensure that they are contributing to trip costs and are covered by public liability insurance. Gear is only hired to members to make sure that we know who has the gear and to ensure that it is going to club members. (In other words, our gear hire is not a commercial operation-the outdoor stores in Rundle Street can provide gear if non-members wish to hire.)

Gear Room and Gear Hire

Where is the Gear Room?

The AUMC Gear Room is located on Level 5 of the Union Building. The room is conveniently next to the Unibar. The room is also near the new Weights & Fitness Rooms and Sports Association office.

To get to the AUMC Gear Room from Hughes Plaza: Go down the laneway leading from the Barr Smith Library entrance to the rear of the Union Building. Go up the stairs on your right (two small flights), through the doors and the gear room and Unibar entrance will be on your right.

A simple map directing you to the gear room can be found here.

How Much Does Gear Hire Cost?

That depends on the type of gear and the time you wish to hire. The latest rates are available on the Gear Hire page or from the gear officer. Everything is cheap, but make sure that you bring enough money to cover both the deposit and the hire fee. Unfortunately we can’t accept credit cards – there’s an ATM on the ground floor of Union House.

Conditions of Gear Hire

We trust that members will bring gear back in reasonable (and clean) condition. Your deposit(s) will not be returned if you have severely damaged or failed to clean the gear. Also, please let us know if you have lost or broken anything. We will not keep your deposit if there is only a minor problem (e.g. lost tent peg) or if damage is due to normal wear and tear. We would rather know about any problems than hire out damaged gear next time. We rely on the honesty and good will of members to keep our hire charges and deposits low-so please return your hire gear on time and in good condition.

Full details are on the Gear Hire page.