Club Morgan

Club Morgan

Weekend get aways

We often run weekends, involving overnight stays at our shack, on the banks of the Murray River. Generally, people arrive on the Friday evening or early Saturday and finish on the afternoon of the Sunday. Often extended weekends are run on Public Holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year.



For skiing, all you need is some bathers, towel and a change of clothes. We supply ski equipment, life jackets and wetsuits. You must bring cash to pay for your rides, site fee and car pooling.
Additionally, for weekend trips, you need to bring;

  • A selection of clothes - the weather can be unpredictable, especially around April, so bring warm and cool weather clothing.

  • Bring two pairs of shoes in case one gets wet.

  • Sun cream, sun cream and more sun cream!

  • Deodorant (for the comfort of your fellow skiers)

  • Shampoo/conditioner

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste

  • Towel

  • Insect repellent


Generally you have to be self-sufficient up at Morgan. Occasionally, large meals may be organised for a small fee. This infomation will be sent by the weekend taker for any given trip. Feel free to volunteer to cook up a meal for everyone - you get reimbursed for the ingredients and the cook eats free! There is no drinking water at Morgan, so bring at least three litres for a weekend.

The facilities up at 'Club Morg' include:

  • Fridges

  • BBQ

  • Basic crockery and cutlery

  • Microwave

  • Toilets

  • Showers

  • Kettle

  • Electric frypan

  • Electric hotplate

  • Chopping boards

  • Sharp knives

  • Some mattresses – but not a lot so if you have a camping mattress, best to bring it.

  • First Aid kit

  • During busy periods, the fridges are reserved for FOOD. If you are planning on bringing a heap of drinks on a busy weekend, bring an Esky (cooler) and some ice.


The shack has bunk beds to sleep 16 people. You need to bring linen or a sleeping bag and pillow. It's first in, best dressed, so don't always count on having a bed available!
Camping allowed and encouraged - especially on weekends with more than 16 people. Bring a tent and mattress, or even better unroll a swag down by the river. Remember it gets really cold at night, so bring a good sleeping bag!


Car pooling can generally be arranged. Just let the weekend taker know when you e-mail them. For a return trip to Morgan, expect to give the driver about $20-25 for fuel money, depending on the size of the car and number of people. 
If you are driving up there and have spare seats, please let the weekend taker know. It makes it cheaper for you to have some cash-supplying passengers on board.
Noise Policy
For the comfort of others, and to keep up the good relations with our neighbours, loud music and revelry should cease at midnight. By all means, drink on, but please keep the noise down. Remember, if you’re getting up for an early morning ride, you need to have a ZERO blood alcohol level.

Fire Policy

To help control the bushfire problem during summer and protect lives and property, fire bans are put in place on many days during the Fire Danger Season, which is usually between November and April. These restrictions will decide whether or not a campfire can be lit at Club Morg. The weekend taker will be able to advise you if there is a ban in place. If in doubt as to whether a ban is in place on any day during the Fire Danger Season, assume that a total ban is in place and do not light a fire. The barbecue is OK to use as long as it is turned off after use.

Going Home

Before leaving Club Morg, ensure that you have paid what you owe, including ski fees, site fee and any other costs such as catered meals/drinks etc. Make sure that you have removed ALL of your food and drinks from the fridges, and have taken all your personal gear out of the shack. If you are leaving early on Sunday, ask the weekend taker if there is anything you can do to help before you leave.
It takes about two hours to pack everything up, and the more people around at the end of the weekend to help, the better.

DO NOT SPEED in the Scott’s Creek area. The signposted speed limit is 30 km/h. In the interests of safety and good relations with our neighbours, please observe this.