White Sands Trips

White Sands Trips

Day Trips

Day trips involve leaving Adelaide in the morning and returning in the evening.

Generally, we meet at the University Footbridge at about 7:30am and return around 6pm. It's best not to organise anything important for the evening of a day trip as trips sometimes run longer if there is smooth, buttery water to be had.


For day trips, all you need is some bathers, towel and a change of clothes. We supply ski equipment, life jackets and wet-suits. You must bring cash to pay for your rides, site fee and car pooling.
You may bring your own ski gear provided it's a legitimate device, however, the club accepts no responsibility for any damage that may occur.


Unless the weekend taker has e-mailed and specified otherwise, it's best to bring a packed lunch for the day. There is a small shop at White Sands that sells hot dogs and pies, but it's best not to rely on the shop for lunch as they sometimes run out of food.


Car pooling can generally be arranged. Just let the weekend taker know when you e-mail them. For a day trip to White-Sands, expect to give the driver about $15 for fuel money for a return journey depending on the size of the car and the number of people travelling. 
If you are driving up there and have spare seats, please let the weekend taker know. It makes it cheaper for you to have some cash-supplying passengers on board.