COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

UPDATE: 30 July 2021

Due to recent SA Government COVID-19 restrictions for all gyms, The Fitness Hub (North Terrace) will be changing our opening hours from Saturday the 31st July - Wednesday the 4th August and may extend them depending on these restrictions.

We will now only be open during staffed hours to ensure member compliance with COVID-19.
We have altered our staffed hours to the following times:
- Saturday 31st July 9am - 4pm
- Sunday 1st Aug 11am - 2pm
- Monday 2nd Aug 7am - 8pm
- Tuesday 3rd Aug 7am-8pm
- Wednesday 4th Aug 7am-8pm

Our top priority is adhering to SA Government restrictions and SA Health recommendations to ensure our members can use our facilities and equipment in a safe environment.

UPDATE: 27 July 2021

Due to the easing of state government restrictions, Adelaide University Sport will make the following changes to its club and facility restrictions from midnight this evening:

- Adelaide University Sport club activities may resume, including training, but no sporting competitions can be participated in or run.
- Adelaide University Sport facilities are available for use, but any Covid-Safe Plans must be adhered to.
- The Fitness Hub will reopen from 8am tomorrow but with certain area and equipment restrictions. Gym users must wear a mask when at the Fitness Hub until further notice.
- Clubs and facility users are required to adhere to SA Health recommendations. More information on this will be communicated to club committees as information becomes available.

UPDATE: 19 July 2021


Due to the most recent SA Government restrictions, we will be putting the following club and facility restrictions in place from midnight this evening until further notice:

  • No Adelaide University Sport indoor or outdoor facilities will be available for use
  • Adelaide University Sport clubs must cease all club activity including
  • The Fitness Hub will be closed at all University of Adelaide campuses

UPDATE: 1 December 2020


The following is permitted to commence effective immediately:

  • All community sport; indoor and outdoor, contact and non-contact.
  • Gyms.
  • Bootcamps, personal training and group physical recreation activities. This includes classes or activities at gyms, health clubs, fitness centres, yoga, barre, spin, dance and pilates studios.
  • Swimming or other activities at swimming pools used by the public, as long as the density requirements are adhered to. Up to a cap of 50 people in a swimming pool at any one time. Please note: further advice is being sought from SA health on competitive swimming.

The following restrictions will apply to all AU Sport Clubs and Venues:

  • Density requirement for outdoor activities 1 person per 2sqm
  • Density requirements of 1 person per 4sqm in change rooms and other indoor areas
  • Private Function – 150 max with 1 person per 2spm regardless of whether the function is indoors or outdoors
  • Cocktail functions or functions where people are encouraged to congregate or used shared utensils are not permitted; however, if you are seated at a table you are able to share food with the people at your table
  • Food and beverages must be consumed whilst seated if you are indoors; however, you are permitted to stand and consume food and beverages if you are outdoors or in a private function
  • The total cap of persons in a venue both indoors and outdoors is relevant to the size of the venue, I have attached the COVID Safe Plans for each venue. The cap for persons in all AU Sport indoor facilities will be displayed at the venue

COVID Safe Plans and QR Check-ins:

  • All clubs who have applied for a COVID Safe Plan will be reissued with a new plan and QR code, this code must be displayed in the premises/venue at all times
  • Any organisation with a COVID Safe Plan must use and approved contact tracing system. All AU Sport Clubs are directed to use the COVID-Safe Check In which can be downloaded in the app store on your phone. 
  • Any person who participates in a defined public activity or enters a venue must upload their relevant contact details.
  • A COVID Marshall is still required for all club activities.

General Advice:

  • Please encourage social distancing in your venues and at club activities and maintain 1.5m distance between persons
  • Wearing of masks in public places in highly recommended however not compulsory.

Please see below the links and venue capacity restrictions:

SA Health Public Activities website:

COVID Safe Check-in


UPDATE: 17 November 2020

In line with the State Government's COVID-19 announcement yesterday regarding restrictions on private gatherings, we regret to announce that our 112th Blues Awards scheduled for Tuesday 24th of November has been postponed.
We will be in touch with those who have purchased tickets with the option of a credit or refund and a revised date for early 2021.

We will continue to update our members with information as we receive it.

UPDATE: 16 November 2020

In line with the State Government's COVID-19 announcement today, all community sport training and fixtures are temporarily cancelled from midnight tonight until further notice. 
All Adelaide University Sport licensed venues and the three Fitness Hub gyms will also be closed from midnight tonight until further notice.

We will continue to update our members with information as we receive it.

UPDATE: 6 October

The following easing of COVID restrictions can now be confirmed:

Standing Drinking and Eating in Outdoor Areas

All forms of food and beverage, including alcohol, can be consumed in outdoor licensed areas. 
- This includes areas surrounding licensed playing fields and structures with ceilings and/or walls if the ceiling and walls don’t exceed 70 per cent of the total structure. 
- Dancing is not permitted in an outdoor area unless a private function is being conducted

Standing, Eating, Drinking and Dancing at Private Functions (Indoor and Outdoor)

Standing drinking, eating and dancing at private functions inside or outside licensed venues, is be permitted, providing the event:
- It is a pre-booked, invitation-only event or function
- Has a maximum of 150 attendees (including children and infants) for the duration of the event. Of course, this depends on the density of the area as smaller areas will naturally allow for less attendees under the 2m2 rule
- The event takes place in a separate and designated area (whether indoor or outdoor), with separate bathroom facilities where available, no public access.
- Contact tracing records are maintained.  This can be done by obtaining a list of the attendee details prior to the event
- A nominated COVID Marshal is allocated to the function.  The Marshal can perform other duties at the function
- Of course social distancing and hygiene precautions etc must also be adhered to.

Please note, events or functions which are conducted and promoted for commercial gain only are not permitted.  For example a Club can’t promote an event on social media, sell tickets to the event and then claim that the event is a “private” function.

All Clubs are reminded that they must have the following in place for all club events and activites:

  • Return to Sport Plan
  • COVID Safe Officer
  • COVID Safe Plan (Goverment requirement)
  • COVID Safe Marschels (Government requirement)

UPDATE: 18 August

Late last week the Premier announced further COVID-19 restrictions, one of which will impact the sport and recreation sector.  As of Friday 21 August 2020, a COVID Marshal will be required to supervise a prescribed operation. In accordance with the Emergency Management (Public Activities No 7)(COVID-19) Direction 2020 a prescribed operation includes but not limited to:

  • The onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverage (whether occurring in an indoor or outdoor area)

  • Social and sporting clubs

  • Operations at gymnasiums and fitness centres

  • Swimming pools used by the public

A COVID Marshal is a person who must supervise prescribed operations, therefore including sporting club activities. A COVID Marshal must:

  • Be 18 years of age or more

  • Complete the required training and keep records of the training to provide to an authorised officer on request

  • Take reasonable steps to visually identify as a COVID Marshal

  • Be at each session

COVID Marshal is required to:

  • Promote and take practical steps to ensure infection control practices (e.g. frequent handwashing) are followed by people involved in the operations (patrons, employees and contractors);

  • Promote and take practical steps to ensure people participating in the operations are complying with density requirements, physical distancing principle;

  • Must ensure that all COVID Safe Plans and COVID Management Plans (where relevant) or specific polices/protocols in relation to the prevention of coronavirus are effectively implemented and monitored;

  • Ensure the environment is appropriately established and there is sufficient seating, hand washing facilities and cleaning regimes;

  • Be present supervising prescribed operations at all times (except where the site operates for 24hrs where at all times means times of high patronage).

  • If more than 200 people are reasonably expected to be present at or participating, a COVID Marshal supervising the activity must not have any other duties in respect of the prescribed operation. 

If formation about the required online training can be accessed here:

COVID Marshal Training

AU Sport and Fitness requirements for Clubs:

  1. All clubs to adjust their Return to Sport plans to include the duties of their dedicated Covide Marshals and how the will be managed. A template can be found here.

  2. All clubs to manage a database of their COVID Marshals.

  3. The names of those who will be undertaking the training and holding the role of a COVID Marshal at your club and your updated Return to Sport plan will need to be provided to AU Sport and Fitness by  Monday, 1st September via

We would like to stress again, this is not the time to be complacent. Therefore, we must continue to:

  • Stay home if you are unwell.

  • Keep 1.5 metre distance from others wherever and whenever possible.

  • Adhere to the density requirement of 1 person per 2 square meters.

  • Wash or sanitize hands and common surfaces regularly.

UPDATE: 3 August

As you may have heard, the SA Government has reintroduced some restrictions to address COVID 19 today. These restrictions will include:

  • For the consumption of alcohol, people must be seated in licenced premises – with or without food. Food and beverage can continue to be purchased by spectators at sporting matches, however, while all food and non-alcoholic beverages can be consumed while standing, alcoholic beverages must be consumed while seated

  • Maximum of 10 people allowed at home gatherings

Future areas being considered by the Transition Committee include:

  • Density arrangements for licenced venues

  • Numbers attending fitness studios

  • Numbers attending AFL matches

The Emergency Management Directions will be updated before any of these restrictions commence. Please ensure that you check this page regularly to ensure your club is meeting the current requirements.

To keep your club COVIDSafe, remember to clean the following areas after every use:

  • BBQ areas

  • Recreational areas

  • Coaching offices

  • Sideline ‘bench’ surfaces

  • Physio/treatment room (should be cleaned between matches)

  • Change rooms/locker rooms/showers (should be cleaned between matches)

  • Gym areas (should be cleaned between sessions)

  • Staff dining rooms/kitchens/cafes/canteens/retail outlets

  • Public access areas

Please also remind members to social distance and stay home if unwell.

There's no room for complacency.

Update: 3 July

On 2 July 2020, SA Health and SAPOL have made factsheets available to clarify restrictions related to:

  • Sport Change Rooms

  • Communal / Shared Food

    Factsheets are available HERE.

Please ensure that you look at both if you are using change rooms or host club BBQsOf particular note, the SA Health food safety team have clarified with SAPOL that BBQ’s will now be classified as “take away food” rather than communal food, which allows sausage sizzles and BBQ’s to be held at sporting venues. Certain measures must still be taken to reduce the risk of infection, including:

  • People being served must practice physical distancing when lining up to order and practice good hygiene.

  • No self-service of condiments etc. (person serving the food must apply condiments).

  • Cooked food must be protected from contamination and stored away from the area where orders are placed.

SA Health has also advised that team shared food (i.e. oranges, lollies and recovery food) is still considered communal food and is not permitted.
Please distribute this information to your member and refer to for the latest information. There is also additional information about hosting a safe BBQ on the AU Sport website but please note that this information is slightly dated and does not address COVID 19 requirements.

Update: 29 June

Current Government Restrictions

All restrictions previously applied to clubs have been removed apart from:

  • Density requirement will be reduced to 1 person per 2sqm

    • 1.5m social distancing obligations continue to apply. 

    • Family, friends or people who would regularly associate with each other are exempt from this requirement.

  • COVID-Safe plans are still required – they will be automatically updated and emailed out to organisations that have already completed them will be required and must be kept onsite

    • COVID hygiene practices must still be applied;

    • Buffets/shared utensils etc are still prohibited;

  • Venues (indoor and outdoor) with capacities greater than 1 000 people, or that allow dancing and drinking (any capacity), will be required to complete a COVID Management Plan. 

    • This is different to the COVID Safe Plan.

    • DPC have advised that a template will be made available for this form as well an accompanying factsheet and comms to explain this requirement to the public

  • Contact indoor sport competition is permitted

  • Indoor sport and indoor public meetings must have their attendance record completed and available

    • Outdoor activities do not need to maintain records

  • Communal toilets and change rooms can now be used. Physical distancing should be observed in change rooms

  • Sausage Sizzle/BBQ’s continue to remain off-limits at this time as they are seen as a 'communal food' service.

  • Team sharing of food during and after training and competition is not permitted (i.e. half time oranges, recovery food etc).


AU Sport Specific information

All previous facilities are open:

  • Ovals at North Tec, Waite, West Beach

  • Training rooms on campus

  • Clubhouses including bar and change rooms (including showers)

AU Sport Requirements

  • For those who have previously provided AU Sport with a 'Return to Sport Plan' and their 'COVID Safe Plan', we request just an updated copy of the 'COVID Safe Plan' form the Government to be provide to AU Sport.

  • For those of you who have not returned to club activities yet, both will be required to be provided to AU Sport before you can start club activities

  • For those of you who now have access to a new area such as change rooms or bar facilities, you will need to update your 'Return to Sport Plan' which maps out how you will maintain the current restrictions. This, plus your updated 'COVID Safe Plan' (including the new space) will need to be provided to AU Sport.

If you need to organise access to AU Sport facility change rooms please contact Charlie via

Let's keep up the good work and continue to be COVIDSafe by doing the following:

  • Stay home if you're unwell.

  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly.

  • Keep 1.5 metres distance from others.

  • Wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

  • Download the COVIDSafe app

Update: 24 June

Restrictions are being eased in South Australia with the introduction of a 1 person per 2 square metre density rule, contact indoor sports competition plus other measures from Monday 29 June.


At the time of publishing, the current requirements are:

  • Outdoor Sports Up to 300 people, including players, can be permitted on and around your playing grounds at any one time. 

  • This number does not include officials or staff

  • Density requirement of 1 person per 4 square metres must be adhered to at all times.

  • Purchase and consumption of food or beverages in clubrooms/clubhouses are permitted if the food and beverages (including alcohol) are only consumed by patrons while seated at tables.

  • No BBQs

  • Canteens can be open for the purchase and consumption of snack or hand-held food and non-alcoholic beverages by people while attending sport (including sports training) fitness or recreation activities.

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is still seeking directives from the SAPol Commissioner on a number of matters which will impact AU Sport Clubs including:

  • The use of communal showers

  • The use of BBQs

  • A COVID Management Plan which will be required for some activities, including large public gatherings (this may be required for club social events but we are not sure at this stage).

Until we have confirmation from ORSR, AU Sport clubs and facilities are NOT to use showers or hold club BBQs. We are expecting an update within the week.

All Clubs will need to update their Return to Sport Plans to cater for the easing of Stage 3 restrictions and forward their Covid Safe Plan (Government document) to AU Sport via this link. If your club needs assistance with developing the required documents, please check the ‘Return to Sport’ section of the website or email

Bar Facilities

Until Monday 29 June, the current government restrictions for use of bar facilities are:

  • Clubs will be permitted up to 300 people at their venue at any one time but subject to it limits stated on their Covid Safe Plan (Government document).

  • This does not include staff

  • Areas can be inside or outside the Club itself

  • Sporting grounds are considered separately

  • Density requirement of 1 person per 4 square metres must be adhered to at all times

  • Up to 75 people will be permitted in each room or enclosed “separate area” within the Club, providing the 4m per person rule is used to calculate each area’s capacity and the 1.5m social distancing obligations are met by patrons

  • Staffed areas cannot be considered part of the capacity calculation, eg behind the bar. 

  • Patrons in all areas must be seated. 

  • Family and friends, for example, are permitted to sit together at tables without social distancing.  

    • There is now no limit to the number of family and/or friends that can be seated at one table.

  • Patrons are permitted to consume alcohol without a meal, but they must remain seated. Bar service is permitted, however, drinks must be consumed away from the bar and while seated

  • Fundraising raffles and members’ draws are now permitted, providing all necessary social distancing, hygiene protocols are adhered to.

  • No arcade-style games, gaming consoles, indoor play equipment etc

  • No salad bars or buffets, although bain maries etc can be used to heat and display food, providing a staff member serves the food to the patrons

AU Sport Requirements

For those AU Sport Clubs that have access to a bar at their facilities, may utilise it to sell alcohol BUT must undertake the following steps beforehand:  

  1. Update their ‘Return to Sport plans’ that maps out how they will manage their bar space in line with current Covid restrictions covering:

  • Numbers allowed

(If opening before the 29th June, you need to cater for 1 person per 4 square meter rule. If you do not plan to access this space until after the 29th June, 1 person per 2 square metre density rule can be applied)

  • Recorded tracing process

  • Signage

    • Numbers allowed in space

    • Must be seated

    • Washing of hands etc

    • Times that the space is open

    • If unwell, do not attend

    • Entry and exit points

    • 1.5m social distancing

  • Space set up to cater for reduced access ie:

    • excess tables and chairs removed

    • seating spaced out

  • Cleaning requirements

    • Cleaned before and after use

    • Hand sanitiser provided


  1. Management of the bar MUST be in line with the facility’s current liquor licence:

  • At the very least, all alcohol MUST be served by members with RSA training

  • This member MUST be aware of the club’s Liquor Licence Risk Management Plan and requirements


  1. The following documentation must be accessible at the venue:

  • Covid Safe plan

  • Return to sport control measures

  • Liquor Licence Risk Management plan

  1. The club’s updated Return to Sport plan and Covid Safe Plan needs to be provided to AU Sport before your club’s bar can be used for the sale of alcohol.

Change rooms

As some of you are aware, access to change rooms has been allowed. We can confirm that:

  • All change rooms have been regular cleaning from our cleaners since the start of June

  • All change rooms are cleaned daily

  • It is the Club's responsibility to ensure that the correct signage is up at the venue:

    • Numbers allowed in space

    • Washing of hands etc

    • If unwell, do not attend

    • Entry and exit points

    • 1.5m social distancing

  • Use should be still be limited to people changing and NOT for team meetings

  • A wipe down of surfaces after each group has access needs to be done

    • Clubs to provide own cleaning materials to conduct this spot clean

  • Clubs will need to update their Return to Sport Plans addressing the use of change rooms and provide to AU Sport before use

If you need to organise access to AU Sport facility change rooms please contact Charlie via

Update: 15 June

On Friday 12 June, the Premier made some important announcements about the easing of COVID 19 restrictions in South Australia.  The key points that relate to sport and recreation are as follows:

As of Wednesday 17 June 2020

  • There is no restriction placed on persons returning to or entering South Australia from Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania, provided this is direct travel from those states.

  • Those coming from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra need to self-isolate for 14 days at this point in time.

Introduction of Stage 2.5 - from Friday 19 June

This will be an interim step before we move to Stage 3 of the roadmap:

  • The number of people allowable in a room (or a group outside) within a venue will increase from 20 to 75 providing 1 person per 4 square metres can be accommodated.  This will apply to training or competition groups

  • The total number of people allowed in a venue will increase from 80 to 300 providing 1 person per 4 square metres can be accommodated.  Again, this will apply to all people, indoor and outdoor who are gathered at a club.

  • Indoor fitness/dance/activity classes are permitted to have up to 20 participants in a room, provided 1 person per 7 square meters can be accommodated.

  • Patrons in all areas must be seated.  Family and friends, for example, are permitted to sit together at tables without social distancing, however, the back of any chair at any table must be at least 1.5m from the back of the chair at another table

  • Patrons will be permitted to consume alcohol without a meal, but they must remain seated

  • Bar service will be permitted, however, drinks must be consumed away from the bar and while seated

Stage 3 will commence earlier than expected on Monday 29 June

  • There will be no room or venue limit.  This will be replaced with only a density requirement of 1 person per 4 square metres

From Monday 20 July

  • Border restrictions will be lifted

  • There will be no requirement on entry to SA to self-isolate for 14 days

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing still waiting on guidance regarding indoor contact sport.

COVID Safe Plans

Clubs and organisations must submit their COVID Safe Plan before commencing activity and should ensure that cleaning and hygiene regimes are enforced. Failure to complete a Plan, retain a copy onsite and allow an “Authorised Officer” to view it upon request could result in a $5 000 fine.

After discussions with the Government, Clubs SA has advised that if you have completed a COVID Safe Plan previously, you will be sent an updated Plan with the revised capacities automatically applied. You do not need to complete another Plan.  Just printout the new Plan received this week and retain it onsite. It is expected that Clubs will receive their updated Plan by Wednesday at the latest.

You will then only need to lodge an updated Plan if:

  • You aren’t satisfied with the revised Plan provided by the Government; or

  • You have not completed a Plan previously and wish to open on 19 June 2020.

 What has not changed?

 The following activities remain unchanged:

  • While change rooms, showers etc must remain closed at sporting grounds, toilet facilities may remain open

  • Snack food and non-alcoholic beverages can be sold and purchased at the club canteen or similar and can be consumed on the grounds, or on the course in the case of golf. 

 AU Sport Requirements

  • Clubs still need to follow the guidelines set by their State Sporting Organisation. If they conflict with AU Sport and the University’s please contact Sara Lane via to discuss.

  • Clubs still need to provide AU Sport with:

    • A copy of your COVID Safe Plan submitted to SA Government (you will receive an email copy once submitted)

    • Your Club’s Return to Sport Plan

    • If suitable, a copy of your SSO plan or a link to their information

    • The name of the person/persons at your club who will fill the role of a COVID Safe Officer/Coordinator as well as evidence that they have undertaken the COVID 19 Infection Control Training. A screenshot of their Certificate will do

  • Due to the rapid rate at which restrictions are easing, if a club has already provided us with its ‘Return to Sport plan’, covering earlier restriction requirements, you do not need to provide AU Sport with an update version addressing the new requirements. That said, you should still update your club’s plan with any changes and communicate this to your members.

  • The updated version of your COVID Safe Plan from the Government, DOSE need to be provided to AU Sport via

  • While there is still very limited guidance around Martial Arts activates, at this point, AU Sport is classifying these activities as ‘Indoor fitness/dance/activity classes’ which are permitted to have up to 20 participants in a room, provided 1 person per 7 square meters can be accommodated.

  • University Bar facilities are still closed at this point but canteen facilities where snack food and non-alcoholic beverages can be sold. These items can be consumed on the grounds.

  • On-campus, facilities located in Union House are still closed until June 26.

If you have any questions about Return to Sport, please contact Sara Lane via