Adelaide University Sport & Fitness (AUSF) provides grants and funding throughout the year to affiliated clubs to assist them to achieve their goals.

Requirements for funding

AUSF requires clubs to meet off-field governance requirements to be eligible for funding. Clubs must:

  • Return and be compliant with their affiliation agreement

  • Meet minimum student membership percentage requirements (student membership data is verified by University of Adelaide for current enrolment)
  • Have good financial standing with AUSF (no outstanding invoices)
  • Provide up-to-date membership reporting (if not using AUSF CRM)
  • Ensure all coaches, officials, and office bearers are registered in AUSF CRM
  • Provide completion evidence of AUSF online induction by office bearers
  • Provide WWCCs for coaches, officials, and office bearers as a minimum


Assessing student membership percentage from 2024




Ineligible for funding


Fully funded

Will receive approved funds on receipt of tax invoice for costs 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024.

Subject to grants program listed below and nature of project, the payment of grant will occur in quarterly instalments or in full.

Please note:  Clubs below 50% are encouraged to apply for funding and strongly recommend to include an action plan demonstrating how the club will achieve 50% as part of the application.

Census Dates:

  Orientation Week Census Date
Semester 1 w/c 19 February 2024 21 March 2024
Semester 2 w/c 15 July 2024 14 August 2024




Clubs will have until Semester 2 Census date to achieve 50%.  In addition to the above Census dates, club membership data is reviewed monthly for Membership Dashboard reporting for the AUSF Board.

Grants available in 2024

Note:   It is recommended when submitting your application to complete in one attempt.   Have all the information/supporting documents at your finger tips, supporting documents/files in a known location, minimal distractions/competing priorities as the portal will time out.

Stream Detail

InSync Strategic Projects Fund

2024 applications closed 


Large grant stream assisting clubs to grow and achieve strategic targets.
Funding must support projects aligned with both AUSF and the club's strategic plans.The InSync program will have one application round for 2024

Total funding pool: $110K

If the purpose of this grant is for workforce, this grant will be paid in quarterly instalments and subject to quarterly reviews

Funding focus:

  • New or existing project, program, or activity
  • Upskilling of club administrators & leaders through training & development opportunities
  • Workforce (seasonal or fixed-term) to deliver dual projects, programs, or activities with dual strategic value
  • Membership growth, primarily among students
  • Operational delivery of club programs with dual strategic value (club & AUSF)
  • Governance & strategy costs including consultants & legal support
  • Programs to improve inclusion & diversity, particularly international student recruitment & engagement
  • Improving retention / reducing churn
  • Connection with University faculties/departments
  • High school engagement
  • Uniform and associated merchandise to align with AUSF brand guidelines (if the club has not yet done so)


  • Individual / match payments & equipment
  • Medical expenses
  • Affiliation & membership fees
  • Less than 50% contribution by the club
  • Projects and resources aligned to other AUSF funding streams i.e coaching/officiating and capital equipment



Round 2 - OPEN 

CLICK HERE to apply

Applications close:
Sunday 23 June 2024

Round 1 - applications closed

To support clubs in ‘one-off’ minor and major asset purchases that support sustainability and growth outcomes.

Total funding pool: $30K

Funding focus - Fully funded

The funding pool for fully funded grants is $10,000 ($5,000 available each round)

  • Durable, outright purchases to be owned by the club
  • Administration/operational or sport-specific equipment

Funding focus - co-funded loan

The funding pool for co-funded loans is $20,000 (total pool available across both rounds, assessed on merit)

  • Supports purchasing of costly equipment
  • 20% is provided as an AUSF cash contribution
  • 80% is provided as an interest-free loan to the club
  • Repayment term based on the life span of the equipment

Elite Program Partnership

2024 applications closed 

For clubs with elite and pathway programs, the Elite Program Partnership supports the progression and success of athletes, coaches, officials and teams.   This program is to develop stronger high-performance pathway, helping athletes and staff within the sporting community.

AUSF will assist clubs in developing their performance pathway through funding to assist with; leadership development and access to specialist staff across strength and conditioning, sports performance (including sports coaches), and player and staff education. All partnerships will focus on increasing and/or maintaining the elite level of relative sport/league competition.

The Elite Program Partnership will have one application round in 2024.   (if additional funding available AUSF will review opening a second round).

Total Funding Pool:  $70K  (maximum funding available per Club:  $20,000)

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for the Elite Program Partnership grant, clubs must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in the highest league possible for their level of competition
  • Provide clear supporting documentation of the planned use of funding

What Clubs can apply for:

Categories of funding for consideration

  • Coach contract or coaching development
  • Strength and conditioning/sport science  (i.e. access to teambuilder/ S&C coach at sessions)
  • Recovery – facility access/membership
  • Medical - assess physiotherapy students for match day
  • Player development/education sessions
  • Mentoring - player, coach, or S&C staff mentored by industry leaders
  • Performance reviews through video software
  • Wellbeing program

Applications that demonstrate access to the Fitness Hub, specialist staff, resources, and equipment will be prioritised.


(Venue/Facility Hire Fund)

2024 allocations set by AUSF

The AUSF HomeBase grant stream subsidises the costs of venue hire for training and competition for clubs unable to access an AUSF/University sports facility.

Funding focus:

  • Venue hire for training and competition purposes
  • Priority funding to programs with >50% student membership involved


Venue hire fees for social events/activities

Costs related to programs involving juniors or the general public as a majority

Lions Den

Innovation Fund

2024 applications closed

Funding the Future - revolutionising sports experiences for our students and the wider community

Step into the Lion's Den, a funding opportunity aimed at shaping the future of sport, fitness, and active recreation at our university. The Lions Den invites AUSF clubs to present innovative project proposals that enhance student engagement and experiences, fostering a vibrant community on our campuses. With a funding pool of $15,000, clubs have the chance to pilot new initiatives aligned with our strategic goals. Apply now to unlock new possibilities, create impactful sports experiences, and contribute to an inclusive and thriving campus culture.

Funding parameters:

  • Total funding pool: $15,000
  • Clubs may apply for up to $10,000 in grant funding
  • Clubs must demonstrate a contribution of at least 20% of the total project cost or the ability to generate revenue of min. 20% of the total project cost

Click here for Brief & Application Guide


Applications open now


Applications close

11:59pm Sunday 25 February 2024

Board shortlist applications

Monday 4 March 2024

AUSF advise status of application

w/c Monday 18 March 2024

Panel presentations

w/c beginning of April

AUSF advise outcome & funding agreement sent

w/c Monday 22 April 2024

Project update due to AUSF

Friday 30 August 2024

Project completion & report due to AUSF

Friday 8 December 2024

Apply by email to



AUSF Compliance

Membership Data Spreadsheet


This spreadsheet is for clubs not currently using the AUSF CRM (revolutioniseSPORT). Membership data must be provided by the end of each calendar month unless otherwise specified by AUSF. Please send your completed spreadsheet to

Working with Children Checks


Anyone in a prescribed position (an individual filling the role of coach, officials, committee members, team managers, and volunteers) supporting those under the age of 18, must agree and consent to obtain a current Department of Human Services (DHS), formally known as a DCSI, Child-related employment screening/Working with Children Check. To receive a free WWCC, please complete this form and AUSF will start your application.

AUSF Online Club Induction


The AUSF Online Club Induction is mandatory for office bearers and covers all you need to know about the association, and how to access our products and services. There are 7 modules.