Adelaide University Sport and Fitness is passionate about sport and recreation, and the benefit it brings to individuals, clubs and the University of Adelaide community.  

However, maintaining facilities, purchasing equipment and undertaking athlete development activities can be expensive.  Any funds donated by members, alumni or the community will assist Adelaide University Sport to foster programs and improve facilities that support others in pursuing their passion for an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to support Adelaide University Sport, you can do so by supporting and promoting the following programs: 

Sports fund: 

Adelaide University Sport is a member of the University of Adelaide Sports Fund, which was approved by the Vice-Chancellor in June 2018. The fund receives and disburses donations for the support and promotion of sports, sporting clubs and athletes at the University of Adelaide.   

Support the work of Adelaide University Sport

Endowment Fund 

The University has established an Endowment Fund through the generosity of its benefactors and alumni, which provides income for a wide range of university purposes, including research projects, prizes to students and scholarships.  

Adelaide University Hockey Club – The Max Weir Intervarsity Hockey Award

Adelaide University Hockey Club is currently registered with the University of Adelaide Endowment Fund. 

The annual award will consist of a financial contribution towards the travel and accommodation costs of a University of Adelaide student playing hockey at the University Nationals. 

*All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.