Put down your books and get active! Adelaide University Sport and Fitness offers students, staff members, alumni and non-students the opportunity to immerse yourself in sporting opportunities across the University of Adelaide. AUSF have Social Sport activations, events and a weekly health and wellbeing offerings that are suitable for anyone looking to be healthy on campus. 

There are opportunities to join more than 39 different University sporting and recreational clubs that compete in intervarsity competitions, provide leadership opportunities, and offer social sports across campus. Club activities range from social/non-competitive for those not able to commit to regular events, through to top level weekly competitions involving other community clubs in state sport-managed competitions.

Students interested in representing the University in intervarsity competitions, can contact Tyson Blanco for more information.

If you are interested in joining a club, see the full list here

Through the purchase of an AUSF membership, you are entitled to our membership benefits program and are able to join our clubs. 

View our membership options, benefits and categories here.