Adelaide University Kendo Club

Adelaide University Kendo Club


Kendo, the “Way Of The Sword” is the traditional Japanese style of fencing that today is a modern martial art practised throughout the world.

It’s aim is to train the mind, body and cultivate one's character through rigorous training and one-on-one combat using a Shinai (bamboo sword) while wearing traditional clothing and Bogu (Kendo armour).

At the Adelaide University Kendo Club, we train regularly throughout the year and accommodate all levels of learning and skill level. From the beginner to state representatives. The AUKC is part of the South Australian Kendo Association which is affiliated with both the national governing body; Australian Kendo Renmei and the international governing body the International Kendo Federation.

The AUKC have local competitions and also compete at the Australian University Games, State and National Championships.

2021 Beginners Course begins approx March date TBA 6:30pm - 8:30pm