Adelaide University Tae Kwon Do Club

Adelaide University Tae Kwon Do Club

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art involving dynamic techniques of unarmed combat for self defence purposes, combining the skilled application of powerful punches, kicks, blocks, dodges and interceptions.


The Adelaide University Taekwondo Club’s mission is to employ the knowledge gained by over 40 years of professional Taekwondo instruction and to provide the following services to our members:

  1. The highest quality technique

  2. The most scientific fitness, strength and flexibility

  3. Regular genuine grading examinations, resulting in accurate
    assessment of progress

  4. A commitment to provide our members with the best professional
    standard of instruction

  5. Practical self defence instruction related to the grade and
    therefore skill level of the practitioner

Self defence, fitness, flexibility, concentration and self discipline are many of the benefits of training in the art. You can now try a Taekwondo class with the Adelaide University club. We are confident in our teaching ability and offer all Adelaide University students and staff a complimentary training session.

More specifically for students.
The physical exercise of Taekwondo enables you to relax when the day has been stressful mentally through study. Similarly, the concentration and discipline developed during training aids comprehension and you can walk on campus at night with more confidence in your well being than a non practitioner. The above reasons are only the tip of the iceberg and many more factors encourage the massive amount of tertiary students involved in Taekwondo.

Our success on campus dates back over 40 years. The amount of professionals who have been Taekwondo practitioners is immense and the high percentage who continue to train upon graduation is a source of great pride to our club.


Make 2020 the year you begin training with Adelaide University Taekwondo!

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Adelaide University Taekwondo Grading Success

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