Committee Support

Committee Support

Effective Committees are built by its foundations

To build on what the previous committee has done and ensuring your club is moving forward, it is important to provide important information and support to those joining the Committee for the first time. Therefore, don’t waste the first six months of their time working out ‘what’ has to be done and ‘how’.

This can be done by providing them with:

  • The opportunity to talk to the Club President and the person who held their position previously

  • Provide them with a Club Committee Manual which contains information on the club and what is expected of them

  • A position description for their role

  • A working timeline outlining what they have to do when and how often

  • A meeting with a Sports Development Officer of AU Sport

Tool kit documents have been created for you to manipulate to best suit your club. Due to the size and activities of some clubs, the information for those clubs will be more comprehensive than others. Make these documents easy to maintain from year to year.

The easier you can make it for new Committee members, the more confident they will feel in their role and they will be able to hit the ground running.