Constitution and Policies

Constitution and Policies

Setting the Ground Rules

A Constitution and club policies govern the way a club can and should operate. It sets the ground rules for how and when key decisions can be made.

Any changes to your club Constitution need to be approved by AU Sport before being put to a vote at your club's ‘Annual General Meeting’ or ‘Special Meeting’ where a set number of members attending need to approve any changes (as defined by your club's consitution). 

Club Policies should be used to build on the rules that are set in your Constitution. Policies can be changed at Committee level and should be communicated to all members and those who will be impacted by them. AU Sport Clubs are reminded to check their State Sporting Organisations policies as well as AU Sport policies to see if and how they will impact on their own club rules and procedures. 

Many of AU Sport's policies may be suitable for clubs to adopt in their current form or clubs can request copies to adapt for their use.



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