Pathway to Performance Grant

Pathway to Performance Grant

Grant opportunities

Grants for elite athletes are many and varied according to the need of the student athlete. 

Aside from scholarships, travel grants and support for participation in the Nationals, in 2018 AU Sport introduced further assistance measures for student elite athletes in the areas of strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology and performance testing. 

Applications for assistance will open each year on the first Monday of Semester 2.  Financial support will be available in the following areas:

  • Support for high performance focussed capital purchases or coaching;

  • Direct financial support for international and national level athletes and

  • Elite athlete support for specific costs, eg gym membership, performance testing etc.

Elite athletes who are financial members of an AU Sport club can apply for an Individual Pathway to Performance Grant to assist with National and/or International competition costs. For more information, please refer to the AU Grants Program.

AU Sport provides financial assistance to elite athletes to participate in the Nationals and/or individual Championships through reimbursement of the registration fee and a travel allowance.  Further information can be found on the specific event pages.