The Grand Final

The Grand Final

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Tandanya Theatre at Live From Tandanya

The Dingbats are flag favourites, unbeaten and today is Grand Final Day. Who's going to be BOG - Red Nuts or Cocaine Katie? Will the Coach finally get his life membership from that jerk, the Pres? What could possibly go wrong? At last a show you can bring the 'rents to. Peter Maddern's new Fringe comedy is a must see for every sports player.

Presented by:
Palmerston Projects Pty Ltd

This is Peter's third comedy Fringe show after the highly successful 2016 'That Siege in Adelaide' and last year's 'Attack of the Emotional Pygmies'. Peter also wrote and directed the hit of last winter's theatre season 'Kokoda' - the story of one man's journey went sent to fight the Japanese in World War II in New Guinea. For Grand Final Day he again links up with his stars, Todd Gray, Cassandra Scalzi and Matthew Hein and introduces to Adelaide audiences Savier D'Arsie Marquez.