New Club Application

New Club Application

This information is the start of your 'road map' for establishing a new sporting club at the University of Adelaide. This information will help AU Sport understand what you are trying to do and where you are at with the process.

Once completed, AU Sport will contact you to dicuss your proposed new club and assist you so that your club can be successful long term. If you agree to the process, you will need to sign and submit the 'AU Sport Probation Club Agreement' and a copy of the 'Adelaide University License Agreement'.

What best describes your situation

What are the aims and objectives of the club?

Proposed activities - what you hope to do and when?

Be sure to include sporting, training, social activities and any other events. Eg. Weekly training (Tuesday / Thursday), matches on weekends, weekly workshops, social events

Who will you need to work with?

Think students, staff, alumni, general public along with AU Sport, State Sporting Organisation, venues you use for training and matches, caterers, sponsors, partnerships, industry bodies, local councils, coaches, leagues and competition managers.

List any needs, equipment, tools, venue, people (eg. coaches, officials, committee members) that will be required for your club to be successful

Use the attachment section below if you need more space.

A Constitution and club policies govern the way a club can and should operate. It sets the ground rules for how and when key decisions can be made. If you have a current or already have drafted consultation, please provide a copy here. If not, AU Sport will work with you to develop one.

More information about constitutions can be found HERE.

Pleased list key committee positions that will form the club committee and their duties

Please provide details of likely expenses and revenue of the club by uploading a budget

Please list any key risk factors associated with your sport or club activities

Please provide details of proposed membership categories and fees.

Please note, that all members must also be members of AU Sport. More information about our membership categories can be found via our Membership policy which is accessible HERE.

How do you plan to promote your club?

Which channels will you/do you use (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Web, Email, Face to face, Orientation & Welcome events).
Will you have a dedicated Communications role on your committee?
Do you have a communications strategy mapped out?

Please provide a summary below including and social media links.

Please provide a timeline for action of key activities to establish the club