Please use this form to request payment of your approved 2024 AUSF Club Grant.
You may claim in increments up to the total allocation.


  • You can submit either a club-generated invoice or an invoice from a third-party supplier
  • Where an invoice is received from a third-party supplier, the full invoice is paid by AUSF, with the GST exclusive amount subtracted from your club’s grant allocation (as AUSF will claim back the GST amount). The invoice must be issued to "Adelaide University Sport & Fitness", reference the club,and include a clear description of the services or goods supplied
  • Where an invoice is received from your club directly, the amount must not include GST and will be paid as a donation, with the full amount subtracted from your club’s grant allocation (please also ensure your Club ABN is on the tax invoice).

AUSF requires you to acquit these funds by providing tax invoices later this year, so please ensure your invoice to AUSF is correct and in line with your approved application.