To assist in preventing and responding to sexual harassment and sexual assault, the University’s Respect. Now. Always Taskforce agreed that by 2020, training in responding to disclosures of sexual assault is made mandatory for all committee members of AU Sports Clubs and AUU Clubs and Societies. AU Sport and Fitness have incorporated this recommendation into our affiliation policy.

Process for Staff and student training

  1. Complete the University’s Consent Matters: Boundaries, respect and positive intervention training 
  2. Provide a screenshot of the quiz showing a 10/10 score via this form

Process for non-staff and student training

  1. Due to licensing issues, the above training is not available to the general public. You will be required to familiarise yourselves with the information regarding Sex and Consent, as well as Bystander behaviour.
  2. Compete this form, including the questions and submit as a declaration of you completing this requirement

If you are affected by any of the topics discussed, there are some useful resources and support services listed on the University of Adelaide Resources page and contact 

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